Sturdy TIG welded mounting lugs! ==>

"Primary Shutter in Standby Mode" Copper electro-plated 10 gauge cold rolled steel. Environmentally safe patina. "Unmeasurable strength, infinite patience... waiting..."  41" diameter. 90 lbs. $1,800 + $160 shipping to the lower 48 states.(Shipping can be refunded if item is picked up locally.)

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All my sculptures are made from industrial grade components, 10 gauge cold finished steel, pure copper tubing, brass fittings, aircraft grade rivets and rod ends. Precision machined and assembled. Bright copper is electro-plated and hand polished. Sturdy wall mounts. I'm not going to ask you to consider an art object that's going to end up in a recycle bin. This, and all my art is build to last forever!!! Signed and dated.

For more information call 916-764-8296 or e-mail me at: [email protected]